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Achtung Baby

Achtung Baby

Location: Australia

✈️  Sydney

Shows:  2 x 45 min

From Australia to Malaysia to Macao, South East Asia, New Zealand and The

South Pacific The U2 Show- Achtung Baby are regarded as one of the best U2

tribute acts in the Southern Hemisphere. The four-piece band - who not only

talk the talk and walk the walk, but also sing the songs - bring their high

intensity celebration of Ireland's greatest rock stars to all events, whether it

be festivals, corporate functions, clubs and more!

The U2 Show - Achtung Baby is a two-hour riot of melody, rhythm, costumes

and lights, as the band traverse the hit-studded history of Bono and the lads.

The concert covers U2's early work from their debut album Boy (1980), right

through to songs from the most recent album, 2017's Songs Of Experience.

With Or without You, One, Where The Streets Have No Name, Vertigo,

Beautiful Day - if U2 had a hit with it, The U2 Show - Achtung Baby will play it!

This is a full choreographed performance incorporating costume changes and

visual effects as seen in actual U2 concerts!

The U2 Show Achtung Baby are led by a vocalist whose talent and charisma

rivals Bono himself. Joe Main possesses an extraordinary voice and

undeniable stage presence. Dressed in any of the several Bono-esque

costumes he wears during the show, eyes masked by Emporio Armani

sunglasses, and with a strut that bows to no man, he fully embodies the look,

sound and spirit of the Irish rock icon. Joe is backed by the stunning talents of

guitarist Peter Kalamaras (The Edge), bassist David Attard (Adam Clayton) and

drummer Craig Jupp (Larry Mullen Jnr). Taken together, the look, sound and

energy of The U2 Show - Achtung Baby creates the unmistakable magic of U2.

So far, U2 have released 14 studio albums and clocked up in excess of 150

million sales. Along the way they have won no fewer than 22 Grammy Awards -

more than any other band in history. In 2005 they were inducted into the Rock

and Roll Hall of Fame. Achtung Baby, the album, was released in 1991, and

formed the basis for the band's barn-storming Zooropa world tour. It also, in

fullness of time, provided the inspiration to put together The U2 Show -

Achtung Baby. The idea turned out to be a remarkably good one. As well as

finding very enthusiastic crowds in big rooms across Australia, The U2 Show -

Achtung Baby has also been booked to play major functions and festivals

around the world as well as being a headlining act on Royal Caribbean

Cruise Lines.

"Absolutely fantastic... brilliant... better than the real thing"

-Triple M

"They look like them, they sing like them, they act like them..."

- A Current Affair

"A fantastic U2 tribute band doing it so well..."

- The Herald Sun

"As organiser of South East Asia's largest beer festival and the biggest annual

party in Singapore, I can recommend that The U2 Show (Melbourne, Australia)

are an excellent band to have onboard. A great investment for any festival or


Matt Bennett

"...this is just a quickie to remind you all how fabulous you are and what a great

show you put on. As one of our guests put it, "ripper !!"."

- Eileen Stow (BBAM British Business Association of Macao)

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