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Alex & Magdalena

Alex & Magdalena

Location: Europe

✈️  Warsaw 

Shows: 1 x 45 min 

Alex and Magdalena are very experienced dancers who focus on rythm and smooth styles. They specialise in Latin American techniques, which perfectly correspond to their fiery temperaments.  

As dance champions, they succeeded in many international competitions, but they are also fantastic teachers. Alex and Magdalena constantly work to reach perfection in their dance, and their not really far from achieving that goal.

Dancing is their life, their religion, their love.

Cuban - this showcase by Alex and Magdalena perfectly reflects the hot atmoshpere of Cuban cha cha cha, salsa and rumba. Sensual moves and amazing rythm guarantee pure entertainment. Let the dancers take you to the world of unforgettable sounds and sights…

Swing - a little journey back to the past, to the times of prohibition and unrestrained dancing! See how your body moves when you are completely free!

Tango - sensual and emotional - watch the dramatic tango element which reflects the fight of passionate lovers. Experience the power of move, love and untamed feelings!

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