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Antonio Salci

Antonio Salci

Location: North America

✈️  Fort Lauderdale

Shows: 2 x 45 min, 1 x 15 min 

Antonio’s live performances of his contemporary, original music and arrangements to some of the world’s most popular and beloved music have emotionally charged and excited millions of concert goers world-wide. The show is presented with a huge orchestrated concert sound, look and ambience, and features the electrifying performance style and dazzling showmanship of one of the world’s most exciting instrumental performing artists!

Through his lush orchestrations and highly energized performance style this musician, arranger, song-writer, producer and consummate entertainer effortlessly merges musical genres as diverse as his many influences while presenting a power packed, soul stirring, interactive, dynamic musical performance.

With a passionate endearing stage presence and commanding musical artistry, experience the explosive talents and feel good musical energy of this acclaimed recording and international performance artist tonight, in an uplifting and truly unforgettable concert experience!

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