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Ben Murphy - China

Ben Murphy - China

Location: Australia

✈️  Melbourne

Shows: 1 x 60 min, 1 x 20 min

We are thrilled to announce that Comedy Magic and Illusion Sensation and now RECORD breaking Escape Artist - Ben Murphy, provides his internationally acclaimed fly on show, and his Illusion shows in Mandarin.

Ben is arguably one of the most successful magicians/illusionists to ever have come out of Australia. With countless TV specials, appearances, his very own casino show and more.

In 2015 Ben Murphy performed his first show in Mandarin. Though no stranger to Chinese Audiences, he decided he no longer wanted a “silent” act or the use of an interpreter.

So he took it upon himself to learn his hilarious shows in Mandarin.

And what a hit it has been on Cruise ships and his corporate bookings since then!

Cruise ships and casinos in Macau and Australia (for Chinese guests) have booked Ben with many a thrilled client.

The Chinese audiences who, firstly are overwhelmed with the impossible magic and illusion he performs, now go wild when this cheeky Australian magician starts speaking to them in their native tongue!

With his warm approach and comical demeanour he gets mobbed by Chinese audiences after every show (and as was the case in July 2016 even mid-way through the stage as audience raced the stage to get a picture with Ben and a floating table!)

They laugh as he asks old ladies to be his wife, and tells them he is single and how beautiful they are, meanwhile “thinking” he is saying something else. The comical use of “incorrect use of the language” along with his actual proper use, makes for a very enjoyable show for all.

His skills as a sleight of hand artist has also really appealed to the Chinese market, with their passion and enthusiasm for card tricks shown whenever Ben performs a close up miracle. The normally rowdy audience go silent as they’re mesmerised by what the mind cannot comprehend.

Ben Murphy has fallen in love with performing for Chinese speaking guests, and every show, every interaction, he works hard to perfect his language skills and his act to make China his new home away from home.

He aims to be cruise lines most popular booked western magician for Asian cruises. Ben will always continually impress and grow, never failing to provide your passengers with a bursting of energy and joy.

All his performances have breathtaking projected images and backdrops, exciting and refreshing soundtracks and a proven track record.

For Chinese passengers Ben Murphy is able to Provide

A fun filled, jam packed sleight of hand, impossible illusion,  laughs and audience interaction.

A superb and ultra-impressive close up/parlour show with some of the most elegant and cleanly presented sleight of hand and table effects (great for matinee’s, small theatre rooms or as a shorter double bill Main stage act.

A casino/production sized show “illusion impossible” with big Las Vegas Illusions, stunning costumes, thrilling dance routines and edge of your seat escapes.

So no matter what your demographic or your specific requirements your can rest assured that Ben Murphy, with his energy, excitement and passion for what he does, will provide a sensational entertainment option for you.

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