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Billy Boyle

Billy Boyle

Location: Europe

✈️  London

Shows: 2 x 45 min 

Billy Boyle was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is well known for his T.V and film appearances, including ”Coronation Street” , ”Eastenders” and “Theatre Family” on PBS in the USA. He also had his own very successful series in Ireland “It’s Billy Boyle”. He has played leading roles in many west-end shows including: ”Some Like It Hot”,” The Canterbury Tales”,” Billy” Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and last year in “Dirty Dancing”. His many films include Stanley Kubricks “Barry Lyndon” “The Scarlet and the Black”with Gregory Peck “Wild Geese 2” and lately “Shergar” with Mickey Rourke.Billy has appeared in top theatres and clubs around the world with his hilarious Comedy Show

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