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Danilo Gomes the Santana Tribute

Danilo Gomes the Santana Tribute

Location: South America

✈️ Sao Paulo

Shows: 3 x 45 min

Carlos Santana (Tribute) (Guitar - Piano)

- 1h Rehearsal

- L.E.D - Video and audio tracks

- Band with click tracks and also only tracks full band

Guitar - Band and tracks and also only full band tracks

Danilo Gomes brings to the stage the colors, the music, the joy, the flavors, and the spicy Latin groove of the incredible composer, music producer, and guitarist Carlos Santana. Not only interpreting his songs but also sharing interesting stories about his career and what makes Santana an icon of music and electric guitar.


Black Magic Woman


Maria Maria

Corazon espinado

Love of my life

The game of love

Oye como va

(Da Le) Yaleo

hold on


Just feel better

Danilo knows how to get the party started with his Brazilian energy and music singing the songs we know and love. Take a trip with the sound and music of Danilo.

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