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David Meyer

David Meyer

Location: North America

✈️  Los Angeles

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Unique Musical Madman

With band / With tracks

“Unlike anything you have seen or heard before! Intense, captivating and inventive.” (L.A. Guide to New Music)

David Meyer, one of the world’s most innovative musicians, and his wife Dawn, present a powerful show infused with music, dance and film, creating a truly unique multi-media concert.

Internationally recognized as a soloist, recording artist and composer, David has been invited to play at the Kobe Jazz Festival in Japan, The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and the world famous Hollywood Bowl. He has also recorded for T.V. and film, including movies for Disney, HBO and the ABC network.

“Combining virtuoso ability with rich, textural soundscapes,” raves The L.A. Guide, “Mr. Meyer plays music you have always loved in ways you have never imagined.”

From Celtic to Contemporary, from Led Zeppelin to Tchaikovsky, David Meyer and Dawn leave no musical stone unturned in their “visually stunning, dynamically energetic show.”

Don’t miss this New Sound, these New Artists, this New Musical Experience!

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