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Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas

Location: North America

✈️ Orlando

Shows: 2 x 45 min

The enchanting and charismatic mentalist, Drew Thomas has mesmerized over 100 million people globally. As a finalist on the top-rated summer show, “America’s Got Talent,” Drew’s relatable and spellbinding magic has captivated audiences worldwide.

Drew Thomas is different from your typical magician. He blends expert sleight-of-hand and contemporary grand illusions with live music, movement, suspense, and humor to create an exhilarating entertainment experience. He uses everyday objects to perform mind-boggling illusions that will leave you guessing. With his infectious energy and intricate effects, Drew Thomas always delivers the impossible and turns skeptics into believers. Witness his unique and electrifying show!

Drew’s passion for magic began in 11th grade when he broke his leg while skateboarding. With extra time, he dove into magic books and practiced relentlessly. His skills quickly gained popularity as the school’s “magic man,” and he developed a successful birthday magic show business. With unwavering support from his mother and stepfather, Drew wasted no time after graduation and landed gigs at Sea World and Six Flags. He still incorporates some original illusions his stepfather helped him build into his shows today.

Get ready to experience the magic of Drew Thomas like never before! As a finalist on America’s Got Talent, this mentalist, magician, and illusionist has shattered conventional barriers and is offering you the unique opportunity to be on stage, actively participate, and witness the impossible up close and personal. Don’t miss this chance to be immersed within the enchantment of Drew Thomas Magic!

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