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Duo Distanza

Duo Distanza

Location: Europe

✈️ Liverpool / Manchester

Shows: 1 x 45 min

Jenna and Francisco are an incredibly talented duo who have carved out their own unique space in the world of performing arts. Despite coming from vastly different parts of the world, they have come together to create something truly special. Their journey began in 2015, and since then, they have become inseparable, both on and off the stage.  

Their acts are the result of a beautiful combination of their individual talents, and they take great delight in sharing their skills with audiences all over the world. Their performances are a sight to behold and are sure to leave you spellbound. They offer a variety of acts that showcase their skills and creative vision.

As a couple, they are incredibly lucky to be able to work together, travel the world, and do what they love - perform. Their passion for what they do is truly infectious, and it's clear that they put their heart and soul into every performance.

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