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Duo the Heartbeat

Duo the Heartbeat

Location: Europe

Shows: 1 x 45 min

Denys Izhakovskyi and Kateryna Vatsyk of Duo Heartbeat are both from Ukraine.  Denys began dancing at 6 years old.  He went on to study at Serg Lifar Dance Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved on to work as a dancer for the Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble.  Meanwhile, at 4 years old, Kateryna started rhythmic gymnastics and went on to study at Circus Studio JIN ROH.  The 2 met onboard a ship in 2015 and began training together. After 2 years, they formed Duo Heartbeat. After perfecting their show for the past several years, they’re thrilled to bring it to you! 


The best thing about dreams is that there is a fleeting moment, between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, and just for a little moment you feel with your entire self that the dream is reality... our hearts beat in sync. And in these moments, the pain of two...becomes one. Flying over the stage using Aerial Straps, Silks, Hoop, and many others, Duo Heartbeat will transfer you to their world called “Dreams “.

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