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Fred Klett

Fred Klett

Location: North America

✈️ Milwaukee

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Comedy Is True Freedom

Fred Klett is famous for his unique brand of clean humor.
His jokes don’t come at the expense of someone else, but instead from human experiences that we all share, can relate to, and that make us laugh!
It is refreshing to savor a talent who speaks with a voice meant only to entertain.

This talent has made Fred Klett one of the funniest comics around. He has headlined in Comedy Clubs across the country and been featured on Cruise Ships around the world. His broadcast credits include appearances on NBC’s Friday Night Videos, A&E’s Comedy On the Road, the Showtime Comedy Club Network, and numerous national radio shows.
His popular routines have inspired several product lines and been showcased in audio CD’s and a live DVD. Fans from as far away as Japan have begun illustrating a manga comic book based on his comedic treasury.

When asked why comedy is his chosen profession Fred Klett simply replies, “I like to make people laugh HARD!”
If he were a doctor, his prescription would be for a good laugh. Fortunately as a comedian, this is a soul healing medicine that Fred Klett is proficient at dispensing.

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