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Greta Salome

Greta Salome

Location: Europe

✈️  Keflavik

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Greta Salóme is a singer/songwriter/violinist from Iceland with a wide fanbase and following all over the world. She is known for her high energy performances and she frequently tours performing her own original songs as well as doing featured production shows. Greta Salóme has represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest twice (2012, 2016) with her original songs. Greta Salóme´s mixture of violin and vocals gives her a unique style and her original songs are a mix of pop and folk but her classical background is never far away. She holds a masters degree in music and did her studies in Iceland and Florida. She is the concertmaster for the North Iceland Symphony orchestra and regularly pops up on the Spotify and radio charts with her original pop songs as well as leaving people breathless with her incredible violin skills. A highly interactive stage artist who caters to all audiences and age groups.

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