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Inna Tolstova

Inna Tolstova

Location: Europe 

✈️  Alicante

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Inna is a Russian violinist, performance artist, and composer.
She presents electronic and classical music, jazz, dubstep, symphonic rock and classical crossover.
Aside from original work, her creations contain covers of songs by other musicians and various soundtracks.

Inna graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory named after M. Glinka. When she was studying, aside from work in chamber and symphony orchestras, she participated in different festivals and art projects of contemporary classical music. She has performed with the the most advanced composers of Russian contemporary art.

Inna was granted the award to support young talents in Russia, and is a Laureate of national competitions. She loves to play the violin, and her charisma and positive energy shine through and make her a joy to watch!

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