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James Cielen

James Cielen

Location: North America

✈️  Las Vegas

Shows: 2 x 45 min

James Cielen was awarded the highly coveted Gold Medal International Award of Excellence by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The Gold Medal recognizes exceptional ability in stage magic. It is the most prestigious stage magic award and is rarely awarded. In fact, prior to Cielen, the Gold Medal had only been awarded on two other occasions. 

In presenting the Gold Medal, the judges applauded Cielen's exceptional technical ability as well as his impeccable style, presentation and showmanship. The winning of this coveted Award establishes James Cielen as both a "magician's magician" and one of the most talented and exciting performers on stage today. 


In Las Vegas, James Cielen was voted the Grand Prize winner of the People's Choice Award. The Siegfried and Roy Golden Lion Award for the People's Choice is one of the most prominent awards in the world of magic. To be judged worthy of this honor, Cielen competed against top magicians from Japan, Europe, South America, and the United States. His stellar performance in front of sold-out audiences of lay people and fellow magicians in Las Vegas once again establishes him as both an incredible illusionist and a premier entertainer. 

James Cielen grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. He began performing magic as a child. His skills became so polished that he began winning awards all over the world.

From many years of practice and study, James developed his magic skills for his show business career. Show business has both a performing side and a business side. To develop his business skills, James majored in marketing and received a Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree.

James combined his magic and marketing skills to create illusions for many companies' trade shows and sales meetings, custom designing magic effects using the companies' own products. Companies including IBM, Xerox, Rockwell, Canon, and Boeing, to name a very few.

James has performed around the world, and been seen on television shows in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

James has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. His performing schedule has kept him traveling around the world, with only short stays in his home city.

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