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Klementina Venci

Klementina Venci

Location: Europe

✈️ Vilnius

Shows: 2 x 45 min 

As a classical and entertainment industry violinist, Klementina Venci prepared virtuoso live music performances, including the band and epic soundtracks.

Klementina will perform a mix of various themes from famous movies, famous melodies from the greatest hits of all time, and classical music masterpieces in one live performance.

Klementina Venci is virtuoso violinist well known as a concert violinist participating in many different projects, both - in classical music and entertainment industry.

Klementina is an open-minded person and eager to innovate. So far, she participated in many different projects with different musicians around the world. She performed as a soloist with different symphony and chamber orchestras. Klementina was invited to represent her country in international projects as a young performer. She is a participant and a winner of numerous international competitions in solo and ensemble categories. Personally and professionally, she is very dynamic and active, full of new ideas, aspiring to fulfill her full potential, and finding the most natural ways to deliver the performance on the highest technical and artistic level. Klementina Venci is not only active in classical music but also has been in the entertainment industry since she was 16 and often appears on national television.

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