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Koomurri Aboriginal Dancers

Koomurri Aboriginal Dancers

Location: Australia

✈️  Sydney

Shows: Local Show

Koomurri is an inspiring Australian Aboriginal entertainment and educational business, covering all aspects of the Australian indigenous culture including music, dance and art. We create traditional and contemporary music and dance

A leading entertainment operation for over 30 years across Australia our team has toured the world delivering tailor made programs in Aboriginal performance, educational, workshops and team building programs to suit major events, corporate bodies, conference, schools, sporting bodies, organisations, public festivals and private shows. Koomurri is world renowned and recognised.

We utilise a vast range of world class Indigenous didgeridoo masters and dancers whom have traveled the world extensively promoting our Australian Aboriginal culture. The Koomurri dancers, artists and performers come from many different Aboriginal Nations enabling our team to showcase different dance, music and vocal styles. Koomurri also cater a traditional bush tucker experience as an optional extra at events.

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