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Kristen Hertzenberg

Kristen Hertzenberg

Location: North America

✈️ Houston

Shows: 1 x 45 min, 1 x 35 min

She dazzled tens of thousands as Christine in the Las Vegas production of The Phantom of the Opera. She wowed jazz lovers by fronting her own band and presenting songs by Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles and others in a series of sold-out concerts at Las Vegas' Smith Center for the Performing Arts. In 2014, Nevada Public Radio-affiliated Desert Companion magazine named her Best Torch Singer in their Best of the City issue, describing her voice as “a dynamic instrument that goes from gritty blues to angelic peal at the drop of a Julie London record sleeve.” Now, vocalist Kristen Hertzenberg unveils a freshly arranged collection of her favorite tunes—classic, contemporary, and operatic.

Hertzenberg takes the audience on an eclectic, heartfelt tour of the songwriting canon. From her delightful, sun-kissed fusing of “Rainbow Connection” and “Over the Rainbow” to her earthy reading of Motown hits to her celestial interpretation of Gershwin’s “Summertime,” she uses her astonishing talent to give listeners the imaginative and soulful music they yearn to hear. Against a backdrop of Auto-Tuned fakery and prefab idols, Hertzenberg stands out for being a genuine, stunning, effects-free entertainer who can drop jaws with the best of them. For this and many other attributes, critics have called her delivery “perfect,” her voice “gorgeous,” “lilting and limitless.”

Hertzenberg’s new show is unlike anything audiences have seen from the Texas-born singer who grew up learning to rap by boombox-blasting Young MC’s “Bust a Move” and went on to earn a master’s degree in Opera Performance at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After touring Europe as a cast member in an acclaimed production of Hair, Hertzenberg moved to Las Vegas in 2006 for the Phantom lead, a role she inhabited for five years. She continues to appear with orchestras across the nation, to sing with her own band, and to perform in shows on the Las Vegas Strip where she recently starred in the hit Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet.

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of hearing her in her many appearances around the world or whether it marks your first time taking in this wildly gifted singer live onstage, Hertzenberg’s show is a love letter addressed to anyone who enjoys terrific and diverse music rendered with grace, precision and affection—every note sealed with a fervent kiss.

"Kristen Hertzenberg's singing voice is a gift. The former “Phantom of the Opera” co-lead can tear up a blues number, navigate the precipitous twists and turns of a operatic piece, or perform a humble campfire folk song … and she can do all these things one after the other, without a break. That’s a gift, real and true."

“Whether she’s slowing up-tempo pop songs into soft, dreamy melodies, belting out love songs, owning country or dipping into the Broadway songbook, Kristen Hertzenberg reaches out to her audience with so much personality, skill, emotion and vocal power that it’s no surprise Desert Companion named her Best Torch Singer this year."
– Las Vegas Weekly

“Onstage, her voice is the centerpiece, a versatile and dynamic instrument that goes from gritty blues to angelic peal at the drop of a Julie London record sleeve.”
– Desert Companion

“Just as musical theatre (and Las Vegas) was a far cry from the Austrian American Mozart Academy in Salzburg where Hertzenberg studied as an undergrad, her impeccable renditions of rapper Young MC’s “Bust a Move” and “Fastest Rhyme” underscore her versatility. These mighty plunges into multiple genres are what audiences have come to expect from Hertzenberg–a singer with extraordinary vocal depth...”
– Las Vegas Weekly

“Hertzenberg is a graceful performer whose voice is at once lilting and limitless.”
– Las Vegas Sun

“An intriguing, satisfying marriage made in blues, country, rock and roll, and (gasp!) hip-hop heaven.”
– DTLV  - on her show, Kristen Hertzenberg Live at Cabaret Jazz

"Who knew the operatic Christine from the Vegas "Phantom" was secretly a Bonnie Raitt-style blues-rocker? It's no secret now."
– Las Vegas Review-Journal

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