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Lance Ringnald

Lance Ringnald

Location: North America

✈️  Dallas

Shows: 1 x 45 min

Lance Ringnald is a former member of two Olympic gymnastics teams for the United States of America.  He is also a world Champion and a member of the United States Gymnastics Hall of Fame.  Aside from his gymnastics accomplishments Lance has been an honored guest at the White house on three different occasions (1988 and 1992) Olympics and the “great American workout” hosted by Arnold Swartzenegger to promote Health in America.
After being names athlete of the year by the United States Olympic committee two years in row, Lance took part in the Olympic gymnastic tour (performing gymnastics shows in a more entertaining environment throughout the world.).  This is when Lance discovered his love for using gymnastics as a vehicle for entertaining.
In the years that followed Olympic competition, Lance created his very own variety show mixing gymnastics skills, humor, and interaction to become one of the most unique shows you will ever see.  As well as being a former Olympic athlete, Lance is also an accomplished pianist, juggler, and Ariel silk worker.  This is not just your ordinary “go out on stage and do some tricks” performance.  Lance demonstrates some of the most amazing skills and routines while speaking throughout his performance telling stories, making jokes and giving insight into the lighter side of the world of Olympic gymnastics.  Although Lance truly enjoys the interaction of speaking and joking during his show, he also performs a shorter show with no speaking.  This show is purely visual and all about raw strength, flexibility and acrobatics while demonstrating some of the most incredible gymnastics skill to very specific music which only a former Olympic gymnast is capable of.
If you have ever wondered how someone could mix the skills and ability of an Olympic athlete into a show that is purely entertaining, you have to see Olympic gymnast, Lance Ringnald.

Member of the United States Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Member of the 1988 United States Olympic Gymnastics team (Soul, S. Korea).

Member of the 1992 United States Olympic Gymnastics team (Barcelona, Spain).

4 time medalist and World Champion on the High Bar (1990) United States.

Member of three U.S. World championship teams (89,91,92) - Germany, U.S. and England.

Performed in 4 Olympic and World Championship gymnastics
Exhibition tours all over the world combining gymnastics ability with entertainment.

3 visits to the White house in recognition of Gymnastics accomplishment.

Corporate exhibitions and speaking including Dodge, Panasonic, Sony and Payless Drug Inc.

10 years performing own unique acrobatic variety show. Lance is
Recognized not only as an Olympic gymnast but as a great entertainer using his life long developed gymnastic skills.

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