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Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell

Location: Europe

✈️  Norwich 

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Leanne Mitchell

The final of BBC1’s The Voice was one of the most dramatic wins of a reality competition. Leanne Mitchell truly was the dark horse whose beautiful emotion-drenched voice ended up overshadowing the early favourites.

Leanne reeked of class, eloquence, sophistication and used her voice as the most gorgeous and inspiring instrument.

In person she is quiet with soft orbital eyes who radiates empathy and is not at all showy. Every emotion she’s ever felt is stripped and put into her voice.

Her debut album for Decca Records is another astonishing leap. As good as she was on The Voice, this collection of songs is unbelievably silky and shimmering. Each one showcases a different aspect of Leanne, they vary from the gorgeously sad to the punchy strong. Her voice is flawless throughout, an amazing trajectory from when she first appeared in that nerve-wracking moment waiting for one of the coaches to turn around.

Leanne has been astounding audiences all over the country with her cabaret one woman show. Her fantastic renditions of Etta James to Adele and Whitney really send shivers down ones spine.

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