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Barry Ball - Beyond Bold
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Location: Europe

✈️ Warsaw

Shows: 1 x 45 min, 1 x 15 min

Mariusz Flis is a graduate from the Academy of Music in Lodz, Poland, and a member of the Arthur Rubinstein Symphony Orchestra. His playing has been described as, “a powerful display of virtuosity and showmanship” and is enjoyed by audiences and critics alike. Apart from the acoustic cello, Marius is also a pioneer of the electric cello, which has been a hit with audiences around the world. The combination of both instruments allows him to perform such vast variety of styles as pop, rock, country, Irish, and even songs by Metallica! His shows are not only filled with wonderful, virtuoso pieces of music, but also humorous and witty anecdotes that hold his audiences captive. Mariusz has performed in concert with many renown artists, among them, Ray Charles and Chuck Mangione.

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