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Noybel Gorgoy

Noybel Gorgoy

Location: North America

✈️  Las Vegas

Shows: 2 x 45 min

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow—

Noybel Gorgoy uses music to communicate with her audience worldwide. “Even if you don’t understand the words, you’ll enjoy good music,” she quips. She believes in enthralling her audience with an outstanding performance; captivating them with masterly lyrics and charming them with her dance moves.

Based in Las Vegas, United States of America, Noybel is a gifted musician, songwriter and pianist. Her sound is heavily influenced by the Latin music owing to her Cuban roots. She has a track record of countless performances, touring around the world on grandeur platforms.
Noybel has shared the stage with great acts like El Bar de buena Vista, Ballet Revolución, Martin Nievera and Lani Misalucha. She has also shared the stage with Jerry Lopez, a vocalist, guitarist and founder of Santa fe and the Fat City Horns as well as Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Music winners Ozomatli and the Multi-Platinum and Gold recording singer and songwriter and Grammy Nominee, Alvaro Torres.

She has been part of the act, Havana Night Club, a performance that saw her travel to the United States of America.  In 2016, she was featured in the production, “Between the Lines” alongside entertainer Clint Holmes, a recording artist singer and songwriter as the female vocalist of the show.

Her recent project is the release of her second album, “Hamajang” alongside the Hot Club of Las Vegas as a lead singer and one of the song writers.
Noybel carries on her career with an aim of showcasing her culture on international platforms through her songs and dance.

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