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Paul Stepien

Paul Stepien

Location: Eupore

✈️  Katowice

Shows: 3 x 45 min

Dance Upon a Time

With band / With tracks

Music Thru the Decades

With band / With tracks

Classical to Modern Music

With band / With tracks

Paul Stepien emerges as a true virtuoso from the heart of Poland, captivating audiences worldwide with his unparalleled musical prowess. A multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire and recipient of numerous accolades, Stepien's musical journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

From the tender age of his musical inception, Stepien's passion for sound knew no bounds. Mastering a multitude of instruments including the flute, alto flute, alt and tenor saxophone, recorder, piano, EWI5000, harmonica, and beatbox, his talent transcends genre and convention.

A graduate with honors from the esteemed Music Academy in Krakow, Poland, Stepien's dedication to his craft knows no bounds. With over 30 music competitions under his belt, including a notable semifinalist position in Poland’s Got Talent 2012, Stepien's talent has been recognized on both national and international stages.

His musical odyssey has taken him to the far reaches of the globe, gracing iconic venues from the illustrious Disney Hall in Los Angeles to the cultural hubs of Europe and beyond. With over 1000 concerts to his name, Stepien's melodies have enraptured audiences in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Czech Republic, England, and his native Poland.

A true maestro of the modern age, Stepien's musical genius extends beyond live performance. His recordings for Polish, German, Czech, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, and Italian television have garnered widespread acclaim, enriching the auditory landscape with his soul-stirring compositions.

Dynamic, energetic, and imbued with emotion, Paul Stepien's music transcends the confines of genre and convention. With each performance, he invites audiences into a world of wonder and enchantment, where melody and rhythm intertwine to create a symphony of sound that resonates deep within the soul. Paul Stepien: a true maestro, whose musical legacy will endure for generations to come.

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