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Ruven Govender

Ruven Govender

Location: Australia

✈️ Melbourne

Shows:  2 x 45 min

RUVEN GOVENDER – Actor, Comedian, Host, Keynote Speaker, Model, Social Media Influencer, Brand Ambassador & Cast Member, First Dates Australia
As the quintessential performer, presenter, promoter, producer and all-round premier player (thanks to three black belts!), Ruven Govender has it all: the ultimate comic quips, incredible ingenuity, mind-blowing martial arts moves and savvy showmanship...not to mention his phenomenal prowess for captivating sell-out crowds whenever he’s performing.

Whether he’s centre stage on the international comedy festival circuit, delivering class-leading educational talks, fundraising for charity, grandstanding for global product launches, pow- wowing across popular podcasts or serving it up for the insatiable appetites on Channel 10’s smash-hit matchmaking series First Dates Australia, Ruven’s signature craftmanship is always apparent.

As an expat New Zealander hailing from South Africa via Indian ancestry who now calls Australia home, this former feathered fowl farmer turned mighty comedic charmer ain’t no ‘chicken’ when it comes to creating target market moments. From worldwide brand activations with the likes of Adidas, Apple iPhone, Capitol One Credit Cards and telecommunications giant Vodaphone to namedrop just a few partnerships through to supporting acts and guest-starring acting roles on popular daytime soaps (Shortland Street) and Netflix series (Sweet Tooth, Cowboy Bebop), Ruven continues to do what others dare only dream of. Nowadays hailed as Australia’s answer to Hollywood’s Kevin Hart (and not just because they’re both pocket-sized stand-ups!), part of Ruven’s crowd-pleasing charm is his effortless flair for fashioning everyday differences around race, popular culture and identity into superbly crafted character observations that are ultimately delivered with remarkable timing. With a podcast soon launching and a new tour currently being penned, all the while performing, promoting and enjoying comedy around the world, don’t miss your opportunity to work with Ruven Govender today for a sell-out performance before he’s fully booked!

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