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Sandy Grigelis

Sandy Grigelis

Location: Europe

✈️ London

Shows: 2 x 45 min 

Sandy is the epitome of your cheeky chap from the uk, with powerhouse vocals, too much energy and incredible showmanship you won’t want to miss. This show will take you from 1950’s rock n roll, to classic rock, to modern pop hits you all know and love. And while we’re at it why not throw in some moves, a guitar, a loop pedal, a piano or anything he can find really (its not like he likes to be the centre of attention or anything). Sandy has toured all over the world as a solo artist, in bands and musicals. He has worked with likes of Brian May and Geri Halliwell, He is a TV Judge/ personality and has most recently been performing in Monaco For Prince Albert with his band.

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