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Sarah Moir

Sarah Moir

Location: Australia

✈️  Sydney

Shows:  2 x 45 min

Sarah Moir began her musical career at the age of three, performing at the Sydney Opera House for the first time at the age of five.

Sarah has performed for royalty and dignitaries around the world, has toured with pop stars and celebrities, and has appeared on many Australian television shows, international TV, and radio.

Sarah is the only violinist in the world to accompany herself on the floor piano whilst playing the violin. She also sings, dances, and performs many other interesting violin stunts on her show.

Over the past four years Sarah has been on tour around Australia leading the group “The String Family” and winning many awards including Australian Celtic Song of the Year. This tour has culminated in Sarah creating a special show and performing it nightly at Queensland’s Number One tourist destination, Paronella Park, where she has performed over 400 shows since May this year.

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