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Stuart MacDonald

Stuart MacDonald

Location: North America

✈️  Detroit

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Stuart MacDonald made the decision to go pro in the 3rd grade. He put himself through college as a performer and became one of the top touring magic acts in the college market. He performed at over 1,000 college campuses, hundreds of corporate events and a cruise ship as the headliner At a point when touring was starting to keep him from being creative, Stuart decided that he wanted to take some time off to create an experience that no one had ever seen before. He collaborated with other magicians, directors, and designers including Tony nominated, Tobin Ost to help develop a magic show like no other. To prove to the world his new act and character had merit Stuart decided to compete in the Internationals of Magic in 2018. Needless to say Stuart proved to the world he had something new. He swept the competition and made history as he claimed all 5 top awards, the IBM First Place Stage, SAM First Place Stage, SAM Originality, SAM Silver Medal of Merit (rarely given), and the People's Choice Winner (by a land slide). From there Stuart went on to TV and Fooled Penn and Teller on their hit TV show FOOL US. Following that performance he was booked at the Winter Garden Theater in Blackpool to 2 sell out shows totaling 7000 people. That show prepared him for the World Championships of Magic in Busan South Korea where he got a Standing Ovation and placed in the top 10 his first TRY!!! While in Busan TED talks called him to talk about his meteoric rise in magic to a live audience of 4000 people! Stuart is now one of the hottest acts in magic getting bookings all over the world!

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