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Yury Tikhonovich and Nato Nikolaishvili

Yury Tikhonovich and Nato Nikolaishvili

Location: Europe

✈️ Sttutgart

Shows: 2 x 45 min

Yury was born in the Siberian city of Barnaul into a family of engineers. At the age of 6 he began his acrobatic career as a gymnast. He achieved such a high performance level that he earned the title, Master of Sports USSR. Then his love for circus began with “Flying Trapeze “, which toured all over the world. In 1993 their success took them to the Circus festival in China where they won the ” Gold lion “. Whilst on tour with ” Flying Trapeze ” his interest for hand balancing grew and grew. In 2000 the hand balancing act, “One”, was created in collaboration with choreographer, Alexander Gordienko. In 2002 Yury began work with his new number under the name ” Eternal love “, choreographed by Ernest Juvilov. After capturing the interest of the directors, “Eternal Love” was invited to perform at the famous ” Lido de Paris “. The show titled “Bonheur” and ran throughout 2004-2005. Yury is currently on tour in Germany and available throughout Europe.  Nato Nikolaishvili was born into the Circus family. Her father worked as a clown so she spent all her childhood in a circus. And it was natural that she too wanted to follow her parent’s path. At the age of sixteen she started to dance Hula-Hoop and traveled the world with her act. She had perfomances: Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy. Varietes of Germany: Kristallpalast Variete, Apollo, Palazzo Colombino, Neues theater, Sarrasani, Starclub, GOP, Pegacus Variete. Galas: Samsung, DHL, Deutche Post, Sky ” WORLD CUP ” and more… 

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